TR Game Server 2022.08.31 version (Bind ip & hwid) Server, Client, DB, PKG Tool included

要求 Requirement:
Windows Server 2016 or higher
SQL Server 2019

價格 Price: HK$8805

Since this program needs to bind IP&HWID, if you need to change IP or HWID, you need to pay HK$169 each time as an update fee.

付款前請先於Discord PM いのり#5188
Please PM いのり#5188 on Discord before purchasing for confirm the details
付款連結 Payment Link:

System List :
capsule system
enchant system
shu system
farmcraft system
Anubis system
AssaultMode system
hottime system
dyeing system
fishing system
HuMongPickBoard system
couple system
wedding system
party system
guild system
avatar system improve
Community system improve
guild level and guild war
2 new game mode
talesknight system
frontier exchange system
buff system
diceboard system
guild skill system
bonus stage system
farm fishing
eventpickboard system
park divination system Guild shop
Guild facilities upgrade
Daily mission system
Park quest system
Emblem system
bug fix